Friday feature: Brandon Boyd

This artist is probably my longest running art crush. Brandon Boyd (also known for fronting the band Incubus) was one of my favorite artists all through high school. 

Aside from a couple other big name artists, Brandon's work inspired bits and pieces of a lot of my work for about a 5 year period. It's been ages since high school now but he is still one of my go-to artists when I'm in a slump or just in the mood for looking at some seriously ridiculously awesome work.

I particularly like his use of lines (especially the Intaglio printer and tattooist halves of my brain!) ad his ability in making a complex design just from some simple lines. His figure drawings and little creatures he creates are always inspiring too. And with my addiction to mandalas and circular patterns, it's really a no brainer as to why I've loved his work for so long and continue to seek inspiration in it.

When I painted the Westfalia van last year, it was his murals that inspired the painting mayhem that occurred in that Italia van. His use of colors are always interesting, especially since they're usually pretty simple palettes, with big pops of white and of course the black lines I love so much. 

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