The blog has had some changes...the website has had some tweaks... Time for the Etsy shop now! To start with, new packaging for the pearl snap earrings! I'd love to keep the old ones but it has started to be too time consuming to stitch up all the lovely little cards, especially when I get a last minute order for 10 pairs!  

I also lost my letter A stamp so stamping out "notional notions" is now impossible. All these little changes can really all be blamed on the loss of that one little stinkin' letter...but this means cute new watercolored and hand written cards! And ultimately, more time to get my act together on sending  out my stories/illustrations to publishers! That's top of the To Do list before Italy. I'll post more photos of the whole packaging prettiness soon. 


  1. Cute idea and a time-saver too. What's not to like?!

  2. I love this packaging.
    Silly question but how do you get the paint to do the splashes like that. My dots always seem to be too round...

    1. Hi Pippa! Thank you, I'm glad you like the packaging! I've found that I get the best splatter spots when I load up the brush with a lot of water/pigment then tap the drops off it from high up. Larger dropping distance means bigger splats I guess :) its fun to experiment though and figure out how to get different marks!


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