Mini Collages

I haven't been sketching at all, but I have been collaging a bit! It started during the summer when I was teaching my bookmaking workshop. I was getting antsy about not having made anything for myself in so long. So I brought a blank mini sketchbook to class one day and started playing around with some of the scraps from the kiddos. 

It's been ages since I collaged! The last big project with collaging was at the end of high school when I altered an Encyclopedia for my senior project. Soooo much collaging. I did a little bit when I was off at college but there hasn't been much since. I forgot how much I love doing it! 

These days they've been taking on a traveling theme, and lots of quotes too. Not all these pages are done yet but I just wanted to give a little peek into what's happening creatively these days. 

I also won't be doing a Friday Feature this week, (forgive me!) The family and I are all headed to Vegas tomorrow for a wedding. Today I've been collaging instead of planning/blogging for this weekend, I guess I've already mentally checked out for this little mini vacation. Back on schedule next week though! 


  1. Saw your comment on Amy's page... You're north of me.. I love the Los Olivos area!.. Also your collages are beautiful... My friend Virginia (from Novato) got me hooked on doing art journals.. Gonna have to pick it up again-... love your style!.I love the 'lost at last' one!.... your collages are so peaceful!.

    1. Well hello there! And thank you! I just picked it up again, forgot how much I missed it! I'm actually working on a couple new pages right now. I highly recommend getting back into it, it's like visiting an old friend :)

  2. What a great little book you've got going there! full of great images and wonderful quotes!

  3. I love these collages! So fun and inspirational and it seems like a quick way to creatively re-charge :-)


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