Friday Feature: Amy Komar

Unique and unexpected objects as canvases...for very detailed and intricate paintings. Could this artist's work be any more up my alley? And not to mention a University of Texas at Austin studio art alum as well! Oh, she lives in Alaska too!

Today I'd like to feature the lovely artist Amy Komar. She is the mastermind behind the very inspiring Etsy shop Artist in the Arctic. I first spotted one of her items on the main page of Etsy, then was overwhelmed by the vast array of just plain awesome pieces in her shop!

Amy is originally from Houston, Texas and studied studio art at UT Austin. After graduation, she and a friend made a road trip to Alaska. While at UT, she was given this advice from a professor- 

"You've got to figure out a way to make your play your work and your work your play." 

She is doing just that now. Only a few years after her road trip, she made Fairbanks, Alaska her home where she finds her canvases and paints her lovely creations. 

I've always been a fan of odd and unique juxtapositions with art making, and her work is exactly that. Amy takes objects like keys, locks, wood chunks, glass bottles and other similar items and paints very intricate designs with the tiniest marks. Love! She also paints on more normal canvases, as seen on her website, but it's these tiny objects that are given a new life that have me itching to own everything in her shop...or start attacking my own collection of bottles and objects! Check out this lovely lady's work and send her some love, she also has a blog and Facebook fan page!


  1. Chelsea, I am honored by this feature! Thank you so much!!
    I'm so glad that we've connected and look forward to reading your blog and seeing what you're creating. AND when you return to Italy, I will be living vicariously through you : ) Much love xo amy

    1. You are so very welcome! I'm so happy that we connected, always fun to find another longhorn in the art world :)
      Italy will hopefully be happening in October! Just waiting for the right ticket to pop up! If not Italy, maybe I'll just follow in your footsteps with a roadtrip to Alaska!

  2. As another lover of teeny-tiny, I have to say these are exquisite art objects! Beautiful work, Amy.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ann! She does such lovely work! And yes, her teeny-tiny work is right up your alley!


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