sweet sweet freedom!

8 weeks. 4 simultaneous jobs. 53 consecutive days of work...with only 2 days off throughout the whole time.


I am finally free from my fresh summer hell. It has been a been one hell of a summer and I am thoroughly exhausted. So exhausted, I'll be staking out my usual summer spot in the tree house, this year with the addition of my travel hammock I picked up in Italy! 

This also means I'll be back to a semi regular posting schedule...and sleep schedule!!! And I'll finally be able to clean my epic-ly filthy room, art bubble and truck. Then get back onto the getting my lovelies published and printed track! 

I also had the nicest surprise today when I discovered my Doily Purse was featured on Mod Podge Rocks! Woo hoo! 

I have a lovely Friday Feature tomorrow! And I'm going to post some more detailed pictures of the project below probably on Sunday. But until then, there is still some day light and I therefore must return to the tree house to catch up on my reading! 

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