more techiness...and a really long tangent...

I'm on a tech updating and spiffing up spree! I just finished up a mass editing and updating of my website. Cleaned it up a little and added some new things, including a multimedia tab for the Chairs and some sculptures. 

And my blog just passed 50,000 views! 50,050 at the moment to be exact! Whoa...that is pretty baffling to me. I've been doing my best to get my work circulated and viewed but it's crazy to see the numbers actually reflecting that. It's a bit crazy how I started this blog years ago now, as a place to display my work and a substitute for not having a website at the time. 

I now have a semi regularly updated blog and a website I love. As well as a pretty active Etsy shop. And business cards. It's almost as if I have my crap together....almost. There's always room for improvement and little tweaks and more products for potentially more sales. And there's always the direction of the blog, which has been on my mind for a while lately. 

It used to just be a place to post my projects. In an effort to get more views, I branched out and started posting DIYs and things like that, and submitting posts to link parties and sites like Craftgawker. Don't get me wrong, I love sites like those and I love making DIYs...but it's also a digression from what I originally wanted this blog to be. But that function has also been replaced by an actual website now, rendering the blog's original purpose obsolete. 

So I'm torn between what I want this blog to be now. I'm not one to share my personal life, especially on the interwebs, so don't expect any deep confessions anytime soon. I like making the occasional DIY post, but linking and posting and uploading to other sites feels a bit like selling out. I think a lot of my blog's original traffic was due to my traveling and Europe sketchbook, which is obviously not possible to continue at the moment. I enjoy sharing work of other artists that inspire me. And I like posting updates and in progress photos of my projects, as well as random bits of Instagraminess. 

Well this post didn't really go anywhere but it's just a bit of what's on my mind lately, which doesn't matter much to the grand scheme of anything at all. I still really enjoy having a blog and I want to continue to enjoy it and have others enjoy it as well...we shall see what comes of this strange little tangent. 

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