blog changes!

Been doing a few tweaks on the blog today. It was definitely time for a couple changes... 

I wanted a new banner, something smaller than the old one but still sticking with the sketchbook mandalas I drew up ages ago. 

I also sized down the number of things on the sidebar. Much cleaner, and hopefully easier to navigate. And some new typefaces around too. I love the cursive but this one is much easier to read!  

And an even smaller change! I found a CSS code to remove the shadow behind the images in my posts! Not a very noticeable change, but for a very non tech savvy person, these little leaps mean a lot!

Then some freshly picked garden treasures via instagram makes for a lovely (and tasty) day! 

Also on a super happy note, I have only 5 days left until my 8 weeks in a row of summer working hell come to an end! Huzzah!!!!!!!

What do you guys think of the new tweaks and changes? I'm also contemplating another sale or giveaway along with a sale to hopefully earn some more money for a trip I will hopefully be committing to very soon! Thoughts?

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