Friday Feature: Miranda Meeks

Back on track with Friday Features! This Friday I would like to feature another lovely illustrator, Miranda Meeks. Miranda is currently working towards her BFA in the illustration program at Brigham Young University. 

The first glimpse I had of her work was through Illustration Friday and one of her images she made for the weekly topic. Upon further investigation of her blog/site, I became enamored with her unique style. She has a very unique way of balancing detailed portions and less developed parts of her images, both digitally and by hand. I love the soft drags of the charcoal across the page on her figure drawings. 

Her work also makes me miss being in school terribly! Having a constant pool of inspiration from your peers and feedback from professors on a daily basis. Filling sketchbooks with doodles and ideas and plans for the next piece. As well as classes just dedicated to drawing people, illustrating and building stories. *sigh* I miss the good 'ol days of no sleeping and working frantically the night before a critique! 

I particularly love her figure drawings and her takes on the Illustration Friday themes. But her website also has some of her lovely design work and examples of her love of typography. Check out her blog and her website!

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  1. Thank you Chelesa for introducing me to this artist. Very inspiring work!!


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