a (giant) Terzo update

This might possibly be the most productive I've been with sketching since...college maybe? Ever? Seriously, I've been in Italy for a week now and I've sketched at least once nearly every day. That's huge for me! I've always loved sketching but this level of productivity is new to me...

It's also a very different trip to Italy this time. I've never been in Italy without a real purpose, other than to sketch/eat/explore. It's strange being able to start a sketch and say, "I think I'll get some lunch and come back to finish this tomorrow." Ma che dici?! I'm so used to having to crank out a drawing before the bus/train leaves, the tour moves on, the work shift starts, the kiddo wakes up or the reality I might not see this place for a long time occurs. It's a really strange sensation and I don't want to get to used to it for fear of not taking advantage of every minute here. 

Anyways, on to the sketches! I love them so far. It's also strange to do multiple places on one page, and also not sketch sequentially, but if a spot calls for a watercolor I am helpless to oblige and skip ahead a few pages. A few still aren't quite finished, but I guess there's always tomorrow. I still want to do some more collaging in the beast too. But I'm making a quick trip to Viareggio today to get a dose of salt water and sand so the collage making might have to wait until tomorrow. 
Ever growing text collage and a bit of aglio
Piazza San Michele in the center of town and a couple quotes
My obligatory "For this is wisdom..." quote, and some new favorite places to eat/drink
40 stairs, eep! Love every one though, most days... and the neighbor cat that spends his day posing on the roof. Trying to draw him atleast once a day
There he is again! And an old tunnel under the walls of Lucca
Madonna dello Stellario nearby. She may take a while...
The Amphitheatre in town, where my fountain pen decided to change colors on me mid drawing?
Illuminated manuscript letters! I'm planning on going back to this museum to sketch a few more...
Part of the walls. And my favorite quote at the moment. 
Emporio del Sale
Lists and the Ilaria del Carretto. 
Piazza San Michele sights at night. 
Hopefully a map of Lucca one day...too many little streets...


  1. Very impressive, indeed. Brava, brava.

  2. You are incredible.
    Also, you have to show those sketches to Elena. :)

    1. Grazie cara :)
      I did! I think I've sketching little bits of that place 3 times now and going back for more tomorrow. I think now I have two pieces to make to leave here in Italy for people!


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