bits & pieces of italia

The Guinigi Tower, with oak trees on top! 
Some shots of Italy so far that I've snapped with Instacrack. Had a nice little day trip to Viareggio yesterday. Not that exciting of a beach town but the food. Oh, the food! Fritti misti (fried calamari and shrimp) and muscoli ripieni (mussels stuffed with meatball type goodness!). So worth the little trip!

I'm headed up to Venice tomorrow, one of my favorite cities in Italy. I'll be there in search of more sketching, killer food and the Biennale. The last time I went to the Architecture Bienalle it was incredible so I'm excited to see it again. One the way back south we're going to stop in Bologna for a day or two. I have yet to visit Bologna but I'm excited to see it, and  of course to eat there!! 

And so, I will leave you with some pictures and one of my favorite quotes at the moment: 

"To awaken quite alone in a strange town 
is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world."
-Freya Stark
Entrance to the Anfiteatro in town
Oh,I love antiquing!
Antique mirror reflection
Inside San Michele
I made gnocchi the other night! Frying up some stuffed zucchini blossoms tonight too!!!
Looks like Venice Beach a bit...
Sketching boats in the harbor
The other side of Viareggio...
Top of the Guinigi Tower, complete with trees. 
P.S. If you want to follow along, my instagram name is: sketchynotions

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