Friday Feature: Etsy shopping!

I'm back! Hello again Friday Feature, it sure has been a while. For the first Friday Feature after a very long hiatus, I wanted to have it suit the season. It's almost time for holidays and shopping is in full swing. 

This also means selling is at it's busiest time, especially on Etsy. I've been trying to boost items in my own shop and I know I'm not the only one. Etsy can be a bit overwhelming with how much amazing creators and products there are but it's also always inspiring to see what everyone is making. So I wanted to highlight a couple of my favorite Etsy shops/sellers/items I've seen lately. I've mentioned some of them on here before but a couple are new favorites. 

So here's my list of goodies I wish I could very greedily buy this very instant! (Anybody shopping for me, take note!) Check out these lovely shops and their incredible products. There are links below each photo for the actual item and the shop.
Wrench & Rare Earth Magnet by Amy Komar at artistintheartic
Blue Quartz Branch Necklace by Esther Kao at estieMade
Bohemian Wanderlust Embroidery by Bhrett at fringenfeather
Pink Flower Bridal Necklace by Erin McManness at Mirilovelove

Hardcover Journal by Shirley Lynne at TheOrangeWindmill
Nature Painting Print by Marisa Redondo at RiverLuna
Amphitrite Slouchy Sweater by Angie Roussin at pinastyles


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    1. I do to! She has some really unique work in her shop. It's hard to just pick one piece!


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