busy little bee...

December is this Saturday. How did that happen? I feel like I was just getting mentally prepared to go back to Italy...now it's smack in the middle of Christmas shopping time. Oi vey... this means a lot of things, mostly work. With no art lessons until January, I can officially be classified as a freelance artist for the time being! Odd jobs and my Etsy shops are my only incomes at the moment, hence the work. Which is very welcomed, don't get me wrong. Nothing better to push the Italy blues away than diving back into my messy art bubble. And speaking of work, have you seen my new little loves!

I love them! I want to keep them all to myself! But I want to spread the Lumen love around some more. So both little sets are up in the Etsy shop now. I'm selling them as a duo and a trio of framed illustrations, each set has all three characters from my Lumen story. I also have a bunch of ideas for other new items for the Etsy shop and the holiday season. So keep an eye on those. The giveaway is still coming too I promise! The to-do list is lengthy and only getting longer...

In the process of writing this post I got a lovely comment from Jess over at A Smith of All Trades, who nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! So sweet! Add that to the to-do list too! So many things to get done... I'm so happy I have this little grace period before real world work starts back up again. And on that note, back to work! 


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    1. Thank you! I love how tiny they are, it was so much fun!


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