Friday Feature: Janice MacLeod & the Paris Letters

I'm so excited about this Friday Feature because she is an artist after my own heart! How amazing would it be to receive a personalized, handwritten letter on top of a watercolored scene from Paris? Incredible beyond words? Meet Janice MacLeod and the Paris Letters! 

This is all started back when Janice decided to leave her job in Canada and travel across Europe with nothing more than a suitcase and watercolors. Her hobby of painting letters to friends back home quickly drew interest from others and grew into a small business. 

Janice now lives in Paris with her fiance and spends her days painting scenes from her travels for a monthly letter. She then personalizes each individual letter to each and every subscriber! I'm sure this is by no means a small feat, seeing how beautiful her watercolors are and how brilliant of an idea it is. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love to receive one of these letters. I wish I had thought of this years ago! You can buy subscriptions to the letters in her Etsy shop and follow along with her travels and adventures in Paris on her blog. I will be living vicariously through her blog and likely purchasing a subscription of my own very soon! 

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