to market!

Saturday was exhausting! I was up til 11 the night before inventorying everything, packing it all up and even fitting in a couple more mini illustrations. Then I couldn't sleep so I was up before 5:45 am...slowly packed up, made some nice photos of the morning fog and hit the road at 6:58! I was the 2nd person to arrive for claiming spots so I managed to snag a nice shady one near the front next to some lovely people! 

Overall, the market did not go very well. There wasn't as much foot traffic as everyone had hoped for the day before Mother's Day. I was really disappointed, I still am a bit. I knew it was a small market but I still hoped it would be a profitable day. But it was a fun day with great weather and I made some new artsy friends. Plus, I got to finally use all the ideas/things I've been making for displaying all my goodies! Including a lazy susan... 

After the show, I zoomed up to the C Gallery where the Cell Phone Photography show was opening! Two of my photos made it in...but I'll share those another time... Also on the very bright side, I have a fully stocked inventory of goods for the Etsy shop! I'll probably make some photos sometime today and spend the rest of the day lazing about, sipping Thai tea and listing all the new stuff. I'm also contemplating a mini SALE in the shop to give me a sales boost after the meager results of the market so stay tuned for that...
 photo SAM_40911024x768_zpsb24cdd7e.jpg
There were over 20 vendors at the market, with a good assortment of creations
 photo SAM_40941024x768_zps87c130d4.jpg
My little booth! With a hand stamped table cloth and a butcher paper bunting banner
 photo SAM_40951024x768_zps4a40611f.jpg
All the long scraps from making business cards were finally put to use as backgrounds in whiteboard frames! I reused some old woven baskets and spruced up some tiny berry baskets too. 
 photo SAM_40961024x768_zpse44900ba.jpg
So. Many. Things. Overall the inventory wasn't too necessary with keeping track of sales (unfortunately) but it was very useful in making sure I still had everything with me! I love that big mum in the little green vase towards the top right
 photo SAM_40971024x768_zps3362bc45.jpg
This weird looking thing is a lazy susan serving contraption my mum got for Christmas! It worked PERFECTLY to display my Pearl Snap Earrings! Plus it twirled...and had a lovely vase of flowers in the middle. This was probably my favorite part of the whole booth!
 photo SAM_40981024x768_zpsc91c953a.jpg
Mini mini illustrations...I cranked these two bitties out the night before the market! 
 photo SAM_40991024x768_zpsbf245702.jpg


  1. Your stand looks so great! What an amazing job you did. Sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to but it sounds like a great experience! Happy Sunday!

    1. Thanks Annie! I really love how the booth all came together! I'll try the next market and hopefully that one goes better. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. chelsea, your booth looks so sweet, i love it! and so excited to see you putting yourself out there, i am way too intimidated to partake in any fair and love seeing you do it so well :)

    1. Aw thank you Mary! It's been a challenge getting myself out there so hopefully something will come of it all soon! You should try a fair, especially since you have such a great collection of vintage items accumulated! It was a lot of work but it really was a lot of fun :)

  3. Aw, such a disappointment when everything looked so wonderfully perfect, even the weather. Try, try again; at least most of the prep work is behind you.

    1. It had the makings for such a great day! I am definitely stocked up and prepared for the next one, that's for sure!

  4. Your stuff looks totally cute! I love your aesthetic!



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