bits & pieces of summer

Lots of things floating around now that summer has started, but I feel like I have no time to share all the news or get everything done or even visit my little blog...once I'm out of the pool, biked home and showered, I'm exhausted! It's a definite dilemma. 

But there are big changes in the works! I'm working on a re-branding of everything "sketchy notions." I love that name so much, but I've had this lingering feeling for the longest time that I have outgrown the name and that it doesn't fully encompass everything I do and want to do in the future. Re-branding is tricky...a real b***h really. Trying to decide on a logo and a name and everything can really screw with your head. But I met with my lovely and ridiculously successful friend Tracy Porter last week to discuss how she got started and everything. Oh man, so inspiring! But oh so daunting of how much more work I need to get done. Oi vey. 

I hit a couple of big milestones this past week too! I now have over 100 followers on Bloglovin'! And over 100 likers in my Etsy shop! And over 300 on Instagram! WHOA! Hooray for small victories! And the lovely Melyssa over at the Nectar Collective nominated me for a Liebster Award, woo hoo! It has been a good week. 

Luckily, I was relatively successful with my weekly wish this past week! I'll post about that tomorrow, as well as a new weekly wish! This week, I'm going to get a little most specific with what I want to accomplish during my time outside of the pool. I woke up this morning some great ideas floating around and actually was able to jot them down before they disappeared. Big things are coming my friends! Hope you all are enjoying your summers so far!
I just finished up and shipped off this lovely commission to Florida! I'll post a full post of photos of it this week, I really can't wait to share this sweet little album!
My littlest sister and I stumbled onto a fantastic wild blackberry patch. We filled a whole berry basket within a matter of minutes...then proceeded to gorge on all of them! 
I snapped this photo on the first day of summer, one of my favorite oak trees on our property.

I might not be able to post as regularly as I'd like but you can still follow along with all the photos in real-time on Instagram! Or even bloglovin' since July is just around the corner...

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