weekly wishes

Summer work starts today! The anxiety is already in high gear...I've been more or less awake since 4 am this morning. I've come to expect this before any big event or work thing happens. No matter how zen I try to be the day before, how prepared I am, how many Melatonin I pop the night before...inevitably I will wake up between 4-6 during the night before. Che palle

Even though I know today will likely go smoothly, I think my anxiety is left over from last summer. Last summer I worked 8 weeks in a row between 3 jobs with no days off. To say I was a bit high strung is an understatement! I barely had time to create, but when I did I was too exhausted to do much of anything. 

So, this summer I'm trying to change things. I'm not going to spread myself as thin as I did last year. I'm also going to jump on the bandwagon of Melyssa's weekly wishes. I mentioned this on Friday, but you pretty much pick a goal/wish to accomplish during the week and link up to her blog. As well as visit other link-upers to motivate them with their weekly goals too!

In order to make sure I stay sane this summer and keep on track with my 25 before 26, I'm going to pick a small, relatively achievable goal to do each week or one from my list to make sure I'm setting some time aside for myself. And so! My goal for this week:
Spend at least 15 minutes per day just sketching or doodling for fun!
Pretty simple? Not always...my new schedule has me at work from 8:30 am to about 1. Then I'll have private lessons in the afternoon, and then come home to work on commissions. Easier said than done, but completely necessary to keep my sanity in tact! Want to join in? Write up a post about your goal and share it on The Nectar Collective

The photo up above? That's the latest mural installment at Los Alamos' 3rd Saturdays! This month's theme of course was fathers. So the little flower gal was joined by Paul Cezanne, the father of modern art! 


  1. I hope your daily doodling produces some beautiful work! Good luck ^.^

  2. ahh, great mural chelsea, you are big time!

    1. Thanks lovely lady! This was the last addition to this collection of murals. Next month we are washing it off for a clean slate, which is even more daunting I think!

  3. I LOVE this, Chelsea! You are one creative lady and I am totally digging that mural up there. I too find myself needing more time for crafting and drawing. It's so fun and relaxing but yet sometimes when I put it off it feels like a chore. I hope you get to do some doodling this week! Thank you so much for participating. :)


  4. I also need to make this a goal in the coming weeks. I never sit and doodle for myself anymore, but always stressing out about clients designs and whether they are good enough.
    I sat a few weeks ago and just started doodling words which have now turned in to a greetings card idea. So if that one time can produce an idea like that for me, I definitely need to do it more :)


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