Friday Finds

It finally smells like summer here in the valley! Although I'm a little irritated that jet-lag is still lingering (I've been up since about 6 am), I do love the way the valley looks early in the morning with the sun glowing through the fog blanket and the smell of the sprinklers running in the backyard... makes me crave some tree-house and hammock time! 

Being up this early unexpectedly, I was able to gather up a few lovely links that I found across the interwebs over these past couple weeks. I hope you enjoy them, and this Father's Day weekend! Are you doing anything fun this weekend to celebrate?

  • Julie Ann has some of the funniest and snarky paper products I've seen on Etsy! I really love her Father's Day card up above, and frankly everything in her Etsy shop, Julie Ann Art!
  • With work starting Monday, I know my free time to create and blog will be minimal. So I'm going to join in on Melyssa's challenge on The Nectar Collective to blog a weekly wish on Mondays! It's a sweet way to give yourself a mini weekly goal to accomplish just for yourself! 
  • Did you quote Napoleon Dynamite excessively after it came out? Do you still? Yay, me too! Check out this lovely collaboration on Delia Creates, where they sewed their own costumes for their favorite characters, and had their adorable little boys play the parts! Too cute!
  •  Betty Means Business has a great post about personal branding. I'm in the process of re-figuring mine out right now and her post helps to break down why a personal brand is necessary. 
  • Oh My Handmade Goodness is off to camp! Well, not exactly... They're have a summer series of camp themed  posts filled with advice for creative entrepreneurs. Plus, they're having a badge design contest right now! 
  • There's a great Kickstarter campaign by Basik 855 for their fall collection. They're a small company on a mission to revive the intricate Cambodian craft of Ikat hand-weaving. Their products are stunning and they could use all the love they can get! 
  • Photo Jojo has an Iphone film scanner. Incredible? Yep. Do I need? Really bad! I have sheets of film negatives from Italy just gathering dust because it is so expensive to have film negatives scanned! This product is kind of ingenious, and surprisingly affordable.


  1. Thank you for including us (basik 855) in your finds! It means the world to us!

    1. You are so very welcome! You have such a great project and amazing products! I love your work and I'm itching to own one of your scarves and bags!

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