Puerto Rico mini sketchbook

With summer work right around the corner (Monday...eek!), I'm trying to catch up and get everything in order. Time to finish up commissions and get them mailed out before I'm battling munchkin induced exhaustion every afternoon! 

One thing high on my list to get done before Monday was to get my Puerto Rico sketchbook all documented!  These are some of my favorites from my little mini sketchbook but I have the entire Puerto Rican sketchbook posted on BehanceI'll share some more photos from my trip soon as well. 
 photo SAM_43581024x768_zpsfc893cbe.jpg  photo SAM_43611024x768_zps90e4e0ae.jpg  photo SAM_43751024x768_zps4ab6a4dd.jpg  photo SAM_43721024x768_zps8cc4b1ec.jpg  photo SAM_43781024x768_zpsc391016d.jpg  photo SAM_43771024x768_zps4133477b.jpg
1. I free-handed everything this trip! No preliminary pencil sketches at all! Which is always a challenge when there's cursive or writing...
2. Our hotel had a little private beach with a ton of palm trees. This was also where they had all the hammocks strung up!
3. I'm still in love with the blue streets of Old San Juan! In my dream house, I would have my whole kitchen floor made to look like those streets...
4. On one of our last days, we drove up to the Arecibo Observatory, the largest radio telescope in the world! 1000 feet across! If you've seen the movies Contact, The Losers or Golden Eye then you've seen this beast! 
5. Some quick little people sketches from my 7 hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale...
6. On our last day we threw on some goggles and chased the fish in the lagoon, where I found a giant shell! This ended up being my perfect little (free) souvenir!


  1. Oh, beautiful. I love love love the blue streets! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. Thank you! I am missing them like crazy now that I'm back! :)

  2. It's an adorable skecthbook. Love the skecth with the blue streets :)
    Sofia G

    1. Thanks Sofia! I love them too...I need to find a way to bring them to my house somehow!

  3. Gorgeous! I never manage to keep travel sketchbooks. Lovely!

    1. You would make some gorgeous travel sketchbooks! You should definitely try it, they're the best souvenir whenever I go somewhere.


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