bits & pieces of Puerto Rico

Some instagram photos from this past week in Puerto Rico. Yesterday we did some stand-up paddling boarding and, if the weather behaves tonight, we're kayaking through a bio-luminescent bay in Fajardo! It has been pretty tricky enjoying the sun and exploring everything and not getting fried instantly...very tricky...

In internet news, my little bud vase DIY was featured on BuzzFeed! Hooray! Also, if you haven't already entered the giveaway, head on over to Kitty and Buck to enter to win some earrings and cards! 
1. Flying over the Keys between Florida and Puerto Rico. Through the Bermuda Triangle...trippy!
2. I told you I'm obsessed with these streets (my computer background is a photo of the streets too)
3. Our hotel has a section of hammocks strung up between palm trees right along the water. It's my favorite spot here! 
4. Another little waterfall from our hike through El Yunque rain forest.
5. Getting work done is hard here when the view is so pretty and the water is so perfect!
6. I've been drawing a lot of palm trees...sketching and watercoloring...over and over...
7. There's a reef right off a dock by our hotel.
8. We explored the two forts in Old San Juan the other day, Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo San Cristobal.

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