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So many things have been happening these days. Summer is speeding by and things are only getting busier. I have another art market this Saturday in Santa Barbara, and at the end of the month I will have my printmaking and bookmaking workshops on top of swim lessons! Lots to do...These are some bits and pieces of what's been happening around these parts lately. 
1. Those cute little notebooks?? They're hand drawn and watercolored! I'm working on a small batch of them for the art market this weekend but I definitely want to make more! I'll have 5 for this weekend but whatever doesn't sell will be heading straight to my Etsy shop!
2. I gathered up a bunch of sea glass I've found over the years. It's my favorite souvenir from any beachy place. I have sea glass from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Monterey, Carpinteria, Sorrento, Barcelona, Nice and a bunch of other places. My littlest sister and I found that gigantic abalone shell in Monterey last spring.  
3. I had the most EPIC day of thrifting! Littlest sis and I hit my favorite spot, where I found a pair of Minnetonka moccasins, some terra cotta pots and a wire basket I can use at the market this weekend! At our next stop, I found this leather Fossil purse for $25. Luckily the store was having a sale so it was only $12.75! Then, after investigating the torn lining inside at home, I found $6 hidden at the bottom! So I pretty much got a leather purse for $6.75...WIN!!!!
4. The boy and I and some friends ventured down to LA to try Restaurante Guelaguetza. They specialize in mole sauces and authentic Oaxacan food. So tasty! We heard they are ranked in the top 25 best Mexican restaurants in country. Definitely worth a visit if you're in LA. 

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