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Oh man, this week was a doozy! I taught swim lessons every morning then ran over to a nearby school to teach my bookmaking workshop. Then throw in a really nasty cold, a quick Van Halen concert and some house-sitting and that about sums up my week! 
1. The final bow at Van Halen's Mid State Fair concert! Our aunt is friends with Alex Van Halen's wife and was able to snag us some free (and killer) seats! It was a pretty incredible show...
2. From the first day of my bookmaking workshop. I had 10 really sweet kids this week. I'll be sharing my lesson plans and their projects soon. 
3. They were also very efficient at making enormous messes! We spent the last half of class everyday working on Altered Books...which made for a gigantic mess every day! But they really loved their projects at the end of the week.
4. I'm also house-sitting at the moment. One of my favorite things about this particular house is the cats. I wake up every morning with at least one or two cuddling with me. Makes me miss owning my own cat...

Now off to do more business work! This weekend will be filled with sketching out plans for clients, working on my own re-branding and opening a business bank account today! What's on your agenda this weekend?

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