hello there! I have big news!

I'm alive!!! My little blogging hiatus went on a bit longer than I anticipated. The other weekend I was up in Big Bear for a family trip. I fully intended to do a big update after the trip but last week was pretty busy and filled with some insanely monumental decisions! Curious what went down? There's a lot to share...alrighty, from the beginning...

My family and I made a quick weekend getaway to Big Bear lake! We ate a ton of s'mores, stocked up on slingshots, rode the ski lifts to the top of the mountain and hiked back down and hung out in the cabin's hot tub.  It was lovely and relaxing and very much needed before all the big stuff about to happen the following week. 

Are you ready to hear the big news? The biggest news of the year for me so far! It's pretty monumental! Guess what... 
Yep, you read those caps right! Friday I took the plunge and filed a fictitious business name in Santa Barbara County. Sketchy Notions is officially MINE! This morning I stopped by the local paper to start the publication step of this whole process and as of this afternoon, I have an EIN too! Things are getting big really quick guys. 

Because of these big changes and the need to keep things cohesive with the branding, the blog is going to get a big make-over, as well as the Etsy shop. Along with the HUGE makeover on my personal site and the creation of a separate online shop for all the good stuff to come! 

It took awhile for me to just come to terms with keeping Sketchy Notions instead of trying to pick a new name. It's been my name for so long and it was difficult to find a new name that I could love as much. This also brings some other decisions, one being to simplify the blog. 

Guys, I'm not a blogger. I've tried to do series and keep up with regular posting but it's not me. This doesn't mean I'm going to stop blogging, not the case at all! I love doing it but I need to make sure my time is channeled to my business more than my little blog. So, I've stopped offering free ad swaps on my blog. I loved offering them and swapping with others but for where I want my business to go, small ad swaps aren't helping as much as I need. I loved connecting with other blogs and doing my bit to spread some love across the interwebs so I might bring them back in the future, but for now they're on hiatus. 
I snapped that top photo when I was waiting in line to file for a DBA. The Santa Barbara Court House is a really pretty sight, not a bad spot to wait in line! 

This bottom photo is some other news too! I just hung up some work at Django's Coffee House in Ventura! This is also the newest location for some of my hand printed cards! If you are in the area you should stop by and check out all the lovely things there. 

The break in blogging doesn't mean I'm going to stop with the weekly wishes either! I'll still be doing my best to have a goal each week, which will hopefully simplify all these big changes. My last week of wishes was a success! I listed new items in my Etsy shop (and sold some!), I signed up for my next Local Artist Market, and I got my work hung up and displayed at Django's! So, my goal for this week:
Start re-branding and transforming my blog/Etsy shop and websites! 
It's going to be a busy week guys...I started teaching my art workshops today and the Snail Mail Collective has officially begun! Have you seen Remi's blog? She's my partner in this month's snail mail exchange! Pop on over and check out her sweet blog! 


  1. I'm feeling so excited for you! Good luck!

  2. Yay! Thats such amazing news! Awesome big steps your taking! Good luck!

  3. Yay, what a big big step to make your name as an artist and your work more official -- congratulations to you! So exciting to follow you with your small-steps weekly goals and your big-steps long-term goals :) Happy for you!


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