early morning adventures

This week I finally got my act together and started biking to work again. The pool is only a couple miles from our house (with some vicious hills inbetween here and there) and it's a really pretty ride early in the morning. I tried to document some of the pretty moments along my ride this week, which is a bit tricky when I have to leave even earlier to allot extra time for my ride and then moseying on the ride to find the photos. 
1. This one is probably my favorite photo of the week! I stopped at Clairmont Lavender Farms in Los Olivos this morning. It's one of the prettiest spots in Los Olivos by far! 
2. There's the prettiest little apple grove down the road from us too. It can look really ominous on a foggy morning though, something out of an old zombie or slasher movie. 
3. Artichokes are one of the prettiest plants out there! Look at that giant beast! Last summer I found a pretty epic one too, but this yard has a full blown shrub of at least a dozen giant purple artichokes!
4. It's hard to make a decent photo of this pretty and quiet little field with two trees stuck in the middle...
5. This is from my ride home yesterday. Even the cows thought it was too hot to be out and about.

//6. Okay, so this one below isn't from my morning rides but I had to share it! I made my first crostata this week for Bocce! A gigantic peach, plum and blueberry tart! Mighty tasty! I used this recipe by Partner in Dine if you'd like to try it! 


  1. Great photos, looks like a lovely morning!

  2. Lovely photos! I have jogged past during the Wine Country Half Marathon...so pretty! I love Los Olivos...in fact, am overdue for a visit! (I'm in Santa Barbara.)



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