Lazy Friday 5

I have been a slacker this week. Well, actually, slacking the what I wish I could have been doing. My work schedule is a bit overwhelming at the moment and when I get a free moment, it is typically spent preparing for the next art lesson, driving to my next job or attempting to squeeze in a nap nap. So for the Friday Feature this week, not only is it late (how is it after 5 pm already?!) but I also wasn't able to pull together a full post about an artist...

As a substitute, I wanted to share five of my favorite images from these past 2 weeks of chaos. On the very first day of my crazy summer schedule, I upgraded to an Iphone. A few days later, I caved in and got Instagram. I LOVE IT. In all the craziness of this week and teaching and being surrounded by creative energy and not being able to release my own creative energy, this little app has been a small and instantaneous outlet.  

And so dear viewers, here are 5 of my favorite images this week. Next week will be calmer so I will be able to post about some of the projects I've been doing with my kiddos! And updates on everything else. And of course, post a real Friday Feature. 


  1. VEGGIE STAMPS! Gah I used to do those as a kid! Now I know what I'm doing with all those veggies I don't eat, haha!

    1. I never did them as a kid actually! So I probably have more fun doing it than they do (but too bad!) Celery is my favorite stamp :)


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