Chair Faire part 1

Chair Faire is coming! And the preparations are under way! They may look like not too much right now but I have big plans for them! 

All the way back in March, I wrote about my travels through Texas and the discovery of my lovely turquoise chair. I bought this one with the intent of transforming it before the faire and putting it up on the silent auction. On the day of the festival, I will also be painting another chair on site! This second chair I found here in the valley at a thrift shop. 

The other day I finally started working on these two chairs. About time too since they both have quite the extensive to-do lists...and I don't exactly have a lot of free time on my schedule at the moment...




I only had time to get both of them sanded down. During which I probably inhaled a lot of  pretty turquoise lead paint...being properly masked and all...and of course wearing the appropriate shoe ware...oops.

It was a scary moment cutting out all the pretty weaving on the back of the Texan chair. But I'm hoping my replacement will be just as neat. There is still a lot to do but I'm sure they'll be a lot of fun. Especially since I have new upholstered anything before...eek!

In other (awesome) news, my illustration from waaay back for Watercolor Wednesdays is being used over at A Teacher Mom in a post about creative play! Hooray! 

More on these chairs soon. And more posts this week about all my kiddo projects! 


  1. Great finds! Can't wait to see the 'after' pics for these chairs.

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty fond of both of these babies, I can't wait to finish them up :)


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