bookbinding workshop

Yesterday I taught my first adult workshop on bookbinding. It was a nice contrast to the weaving class I taught all week. I love teaching small kiddos and all, but it was nice to be able to give an instruction and have the student actually listen and execute the step without whining that it was too hard (or refusing to try entirely! che palle...)

I had to two lovely ladies in my Fat Mini Book workshop at the C Gallery in Los Alamos. I couldn't have asked for better ladies to work with! As soon as they saw my Vino Book, they wanted to try it! So we spent some time dying their pages with wine and coffee for a bit. Unfortunately, the pages became too brittle to sew with the coptic stitch so we had to improvise and use plain white pages. I definitely want to experiment with both wine and coffee in a book of my own sometime soon. 

During the class, I started making a mini book of my own to demonstrate all the bookbinding steps. I was able to finish binding it that afternoon at my other job. It was so nice to bind a book again, it has probably been a couple months since I made an artist book just for the hell of it. I love this little one, especially the sea glass wrapping cord! I put this little lovely in my Etsy shop already too! Hooray!

In other news, I will be posting about my kiddo workshops sometime this week. I taught a weaving workshop last week and this week it's printmaking! YESSSSSSS! 

And, I finally caved and got an Iphone. I love it. I knew I would tho. Aaaaannd subsequently, I got an Instagram account. Just like the Iphone, I knew I would love it. That app has always irked me a bit but I really do enjoy using it. It will never replace a good 'ol film camera for me but it is a fun little toy on my new tool! The one here is a peek at my weaving class (if you're curious to see the rest of my photos, my name is: sketchynotions)


  1. Chelsea!! I love that book, sea glass is the best! It looks really lovely!

    Homigosh, isn't the Iphone just lush? I really love mine, I have to say, and I'm addicted to Instagram. It's just great for on the go inspiration!

    1. Thanks Ali-chay! I love it too! I don't really have a use for it, other than to just sit and gaze at it's lovliness!

      It's so weird actually having an Iphone now! I love it too...trying hard to not let it become a toy! Which is soooo hard since Instagram is too much fun!

  2. Ahhh, the book is gorgeous! The sea glass adds the perfect finishing touch.

    1. I love the sea glass so much, thanks Ann!


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