summer printmaking workshop

I wanted to share a bit of the projects I made with my kids during my summer printmaking workshop with Arts Outreach. Like the bookmaking workshop, I used a lot of projects from previous workshops or lessons. Luckily, I had a really good group of kids and a much smaller class compared to last summer, so I was able to be a little ambitious with our projects! Our schedule for the week was:
  • Monday: styrofoam box embossed printing
  • Tuesday: linoleum and cork carving, and puffy paint/CD prepping
  • Wednesday: printing day for linoleum carvings and puffy paint drawings
  • Thursday: veggie printing, potato carving & making screens for boot-leg screen-printing
  • Friday: print their screens on fabric
It was a hectic and messy week but it was really fun! Because of the dangers of carving linoleum with little kiddos, I didn't manage to get any photos from the carving day. Fortunately there were no lost appendages, so you really didn't miss much! There were a lot of reoccurring designs this summer, lots of Ben 10's, mustaches and I even vetoed the use of "YOLO" on one day. 
Chelsea: 1, Pop culture: 0!

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  1. What fun projects! You must have a TON of patience! I love the mini screen printing! Such a neat idea!


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