Utah road trip mini sketchbook

I finally got around to photographing my mini sketchbook from the Utah road trip. I wish I had been able to sketch more while we were on the road but I love the small collection that I was able to make. Here are my favorites from the trip, but the whole sketchbook can be seen on my Behance profile. I put it on my website too but there's a lot in flux with the site right now and it's just not quite ready to hit publish but stay tuned for that launch...it's coming soon...

Sketchbook documented: check! Sleep schedule back to normal: check! Now if only I could tackle the giant pile of laundry left in the wake from the trip...
1. Just a quick little title page in homage to all the hours on that bloody highway...
2. This was the quaint little cabin we stayed at in Glendale!
3. Zion will always be one of my favorite National Parks to visit. It's so majestic, especially during the monsoon season when the thunderheads roll in!
4. Next time I go back to Antelope Canyon, I'm going to take the photography tour. Longer tour down there with less people = more time to sketch the light and curves
5. The Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon was high on my list to sketch this trip
6. When we visited my grandparents in Kanab, I sketches some of the many arrowheads we've all found over the years.


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