the Snail Mail collective: July & August

Busy busy little bee over here again. I've been out of the art bubble most weekends and the week days are just a blur from fulfilling Etsy orders, responding to requests, Sketchy Notions business, some nannying and Arts Outreach lessons kicking back into gear. As much as I could use the time on the weekends to work, taking a break from everything is so very needed and gets me caught up and rested for another week of busyness.

But I finally have a quick moment to share the bounty I received from both my July and August Snail Mail Collective partners! In July I was partnered with Remi over at A Peachy Keen Day and this past month I was with Amanda at Rhyme & Ribbons. There was an issue with the post office refusing to send me my package, so I actually received Remi's package just a couple days before Amanda's! 

Can I just say, I really miss receiving mail just for fun. Getting bills and bank statements just doesn't cut it. It's like being a kid again around your birthday and waiting to check the mailbox each afternoon. And both these sweet gals were so generous with their packages! Here's a peek at what I got from both of these lovely ladies! 
Remi crammed so many goodies into this box, it's insane! Completely worth the wait! My favorite items were the postcards (I'm going to frame the little bobbin one), an awesome mix of local tunes and tiny vile of Utah dirt! Remi is from Utah did an amazing job at capturing her state, even including some clippings from local papers. There were some awesome candies (which are nearly gone already...), a mini notebook with the coolest teeny mechanical pencil, some cute hair pins, some cards and just so many sweet things! This Utah lady was so much fun to be paired with and get to know! Be sure to check out Remi's blog
Amanda is a lovely gal from New Mexico that moved to England! I was very excited to have an international partner for August! Amanda sent me some very lovely things, including a great postcard of Anne Hathaway's cottage, a GB sticker with the British flag and some gorgeous earrings! I have an old fashioned steamer truck that I've been wanting to cover in traveling stickers and this sticker might be the first addition! And although it may not of have been her intention, I really loved the Royal Mail postage stamp on the envelope! One of my favorite things about international mail is seeing the postage stamps from different countries. Pop on over to Amanda's blog to read all about her English adventures! 


  1. YAY! I'm so glad it made it to you safely! Hope you have a peachy keen day!


    1. I have my little vial of Utah sitting in my art bubble now! Makes me smile every time I see it :)


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