lately in the sketchy studio

These days, I feel as busy and overwhelmed as I did during the summer. Fortunately, the majority of the busyness is Etsy and Sketchy Notions related. I've been trying to document my projects and progress as best as I can on Instagram and I wanted to share some of these glimpses here as well. 
1. I had a really sweet wedding album commission right before the Utah road trip, it's one of my favorite albums to date!
2. I've been carving and plotting new card designs and trying to get ready for the Holidays. Feels weird sketching Christmas themes when it still feels like summer here! 
3. It's been a while since I had a commission for a giant collaged card! I forgot how stressful it is to make the giant envelope...oi vey...
4. I got really busy making goodies before my last market, including a couple new hand-stamped artist books, cards and little one-of-a-kind jotters! 
5. I tried a new market a couple weeks ago, it didn't go very well but my new little jotters were a hit! And it was amazing to have a real pop-up canopy of my own for the first time.
6. My new hand-printed cards are up in the Etsy shop! I really love these ones and I'm hoping they go over well because I'm itching to carve and print more...
7. I just finished up one of the sweetest commissions I've ever had! Oh man, these are twin albums for the parents of the bride and groom. How sweet is that?!
8. It's not Sketchy or Etsy related but damn, they were tasty! Behold...from scratch, brownie cookies with a salted caramel creme...yes, they were amazing. And yes, you should make these ASAP! You can check out the recipe over at the Baker's Royale blog. 


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