custom wedding & photo albums

I'm not sure why it is but I've suddenly had a massive influx of requests for custom wedding and photo albums. I'm so surprised and so very happy that they've been rolling in so much lately! 

In the past month or so, I've made 5 books for four different clients and still have 2 more to go. All of the requests have been completely different and unique. One couple wanted a pair of photo albums to give to their parents as gifts at their wedding. Another was for a sweet gal who had terrible luck with their first album designer and needed someone to quickly find a way to bind their album pages. One lovely lady just needed a special place for photos of her baby girl. I've mailed them all over...Italy, Canada and even just down to Los Angeles. 

It's been really fun meeting all these people and hearing their ideas for what kind of special book they need. It's been a challenge to meet all their needs but more than anything it's been an amazing boost in confidence. People are actually seeking me out and entrusting me to make them a one-of-a-kind keepsake. It's pretty amazing. It's teaching me a lot too. How to stay stocked on supplies for when that rush order comes in; how to say no to other things that will take focus away from my business. And there's always the occasional frequent shocking epiphany that this is my business. I kinda really love my job, and the results...


  1. I LOVE your gorgeous albums and can't wait until I have an excuse to buy one! xx

    1. I'm late on the reply but thank you so much Sunae! Let me know when you need one and I'll hook you up :)


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