Antelope Canyon, Arizona

I've been meaning to share photos from our adventure through Antelope Canyon, way back on our road trip to Utah this summer. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this magical place, Antelope Canyon is a naturally formed canyon that at produces the most incredible light shafts and shadows throughout the narrow crevice, tucked on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona. You've probably seen some of the iconic photos of it on some form of USA calender at some point. It is beyond words, and you must add it to your bucket list. 

Unfortunately, we were a little unprepared for our visit. We decided that same morning we were going to make the trek, which resulted in us waiting in line in the hot sun for an hour to secure spots on a tour another hour later. 

We waited our wait then were hauled in the back of trucks across the desert. It was a really fun ride over, which ended at an unassuming chasm and a parking lot of other tour trucks. Within moments, our group was hustled into the darkness. 
After finally entering the slot, describing the canyon as packed is a gross understatement. It was insane how many people were crammed into this narrow space at once. It lost a bit of it's magesticness (yes, magesticness) as we were being herded through it, all the while timing our photos for when the group ahead or behind rounded the corner. I was jumping between my camera and my Iphone the whole time, while trying to sketch. I must have looked insane! But we still ended up with some epic photos without people! Sketching Antelope Canyon was even crazier but so very worth it. 

All that being said, at some point in your life you must visit this insanely gorgeous site! It is worth the lines, heat, waiting and crowds. Absolutely. One day I'd like to go back for the photography tour (longer time in the canyon and smaller groups) and next time, with a reservation made in advance! 

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