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Currently, I'm:

  • Reading: I'm bouncing between Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman by John Krakauer, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and Doctor Sleep by Stephen King... an odd collection yes, but such good books! Pat Tillman's story is very interesting and Doctor Sleep is the sequel to The Shining...
  • Watching: Christmas Vacation and The Walking Dead...the first was to try to induce a holiday spirit to crank out my holiday line...when that was over, The Walking Dead marathon recommenced! 
  • Inspired by: Zoe Ingram! She's an Aussie illustrator that just won the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search...she's pretty incredible. 
  • Making: Products for a Holiday line!!! Among other things, I have a couple album commissions from Etsy that I can't wait to share the results of!  
  • Planning: to down size more. I've made a small personal goal to throw out or donate a grocery bag of trash/things/clothes each week. It's small enough that I don't need to dedicate a full day to fill it, but will definitely make a difference over time.
  • Waiting: for March! This marks my first full year in about 4 years that I haven't gone to Italy. But my inner wanderer just has to be patient til March for a new adventure: JAPAN!
  • Wishing: for more consistent time management. Some days I'm on fire, then on other days I have to play catch up after a fun day trip to LA. Hard to find a happy medium between not being smothered by work and getting a day to breathe..
1. I was commissioned by my sweet cousin to make her invites for her baby shower! Once they've all arrived, I'll share the cute results of that project. 
2. After a mini hiatus, the latest mural for Los Alamos' Third Saturdays: cowboys and cowgirls. 
3. My little sister's science project I helped out on, which of course ended up being a tattoo machine...
4. I got to house sit for a very talented friend recently, which came with the privilege of borrowing her amazing studio! I'm pretty envious of the lovely Tracy Porter...
5. The latest baked beast: Guinness chocolate cake with a Baileys and cream cheese frosting. Irish Car Bomb cake! I substituted about a shot of cream in the frosting with the Baileys. I swear it's one of the best chocolate cakes I've ever had...
6. The Holiday line is making progress...

P.S...Follow along on Instagram if you want to stay up to date with the creating! Plus, I'm thinking up a new giveaway to celebrate the Holiday line launch! 


  1. love the new site layout chelsea -- and am so so excited that you will be traveling to japan! what an exciting adventure -- can't wait to see the art and photos that come out of that trip come spring :)

    1. Thanks Mary! There's still a few things to tweak but I'm content with it at the moment...
      Oh man, I can't wait til Japan! Or to fill a new sketchbook! It will be the strangest adventure I've ever gone on likely :)

  2. Can't wait to see all the holiday stuff you make! It is the beginning of that time of year! I must say I'm ridiculously excited for the holiday season! Also, that cake sounds fantastic! Hope you have a peachy keen day!

    1. It's coming along, so it should be making a debut soon Remi! You should definitely try that cake, it's so dense and delicious! I was so giddy when I was mixing it all on the stove too...so tasty!

  3. Your sister's science project is the blend of intelligence and awesome I forever strived for back in grade school. That's so cool! Love your awesome art and unique perspective. Can't wait to hear about all your Japanese adventures :]

    1. Ha! I'll be sure to tell her that! Her science teacher loved it apparently. Thank you so much Annie, that's very sweet of you! Thanks for stopping by :)


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