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And so begins the next epic journey to Italy! I'll be in transit for the next couple days through New York, Ireland and Italy. I wanted to do one last post of bits & pieces of life here in California before my universe revolves around Italy again!

This past week has been a freakin' doozy...I was waking up before 6 most days, teaching back to back art workshops for Arts Outreach all day all week, and staying up well past midnight most nights to wrap up commissions. I'm absolutely thrashed but completely done with all my commissions and it feels soooo good!

This week I mailed out a custom photo album, a GIANT watercolor wedding "guest book," and an adorable custom children's book! It has been busy to say the least and it feels so good to have it all wrapped up and off the table.  I'll share more on all those projects once they reach their new homes!

In shop news, both the Notional Notions Etsy shop and Sketchy Notions shop are more or less closed up! The Etsy shop still has commissions listed but for late fall due dates. The Sketchy shop is pretty bare too since I can't print anything abroad. BUT! I have some ideas for some travel watercolor listings mailed from Italia so keep an eye on both shops and the blog. 

1. I was asked by a sweet friend I met in Italy to make a GIANT watercolor to be used as a guest book at her wedding next month. Such a giant...took ages to actually find a piece of paper large enough! 2. Another surprise photo album! I love all the surprise projects that have been coming in, even better when it's travel related too.3. This book. Oh this book...I was asked to make a custom version of the children's book Hug Time. It turned out so sweet and I already heard that the family loves it. Yay! 4. We had a lot of family over last week so my art bubble became a guest room. I ended up using my succulent laden window seat as an impromptu studio!5. I was actually able to wipe my white board To-Do List clean yesterday!!!!  

6. CAKE! I made a beast of a cake this week for my last game of bocce before I come back in August. It was a Heaven and Hell cake...alternating layers of angel food cake, dark chocolate cake and peanut butter cream with a chocolate ganache icing.  7. One thing I'll definitely miss this summer is not being able to eat the first tomatoes from our garden. The zucchini has already come in but summer tomatoes are my weakness...8. I finished teaching my first full year of 8th grade art and made little bottles of succulents to give to all my graduates! 9. Our little fluffy cat Stella loves lurking and watching us from the roof...10. A shot from this week of art lessons, mid veggie printing day! The kiddos and I went through so much paper making prints and the bookmaking class made 8 books! Busy week! If you'd like to keep up with the sketching adventures, you can follow along on Instagram! I'll likely be posting a lot more there before I can get back on the blog. A presto! 

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  1. Yay for your beautiful comissions and wrapping up things in the states...and happy wishes for your travels! Are you planning to be on the move or have a base in Italy?


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