bits & pieces of Lucca

I may be a little obsessed with this town...just a teeny bit. The past couple mornings I've been waking up early to get on my bike and take a cruise around town. It's one thing to see this town while having to wade through crowds of tourists. But it becomes a completely different town when there's no one but a handful of locals awake and about. Riding down via Fillungo (one of the busiest streets in town) alone and not having to ring my bell 12 times just to go 2 blocks? Every day, per favore

These are some photos I've found around Lucca during the past 2 weeks. If you follow along on Instagram you've already seen this batch. I really love this batch of photos, and I have some family in the the states (Ciao Madre Dolce!) that don't use Instagram and still want to be kept up to date. 

1. This bike. I almost made off with it. It's just...the perfect bike! 
2. My favorite car, the Fiat 500. This photo caused quite a stir this week...Anthropologie liked it on Instagram and my account went crazy for about 48 hours. It resulted in about 100+ new followers...hello all!
3. Remember these guys? I photographed this same group of men two years ago in this same exact spot...nice to know that some things never change. 
4. One of the loveliest streets in town, it leads down to the antique store neighborhood. 

5. Another great street in town! This ivy has eaten almost two blocks worth of wall...
6. This is photo is actually just next to number 4, turn to the right and you see this sweet little courtyard. 
7. These walls...with this light...I can't handle it.
8. I wanted to pet these little snuggled kitties so much but that grey one gave me the biggest death glare then went back to sleep. I think he was still peeking at me when I made this photo... 

I'm due for another Quarto update but that probably won't happen until after I come back from Castiglion Fiorentino later this week. I can't wait to see everyone back in that town and to sketch my favorite streets again. 

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