Quarto the traveling sketchbook: update I

This first week of traveling and sketching with Quarto has been really productive! I'm already through a signature and a half! I don't think I was even this productive with Terzo two years ago...

This batch of sketches is mostly from Lucca but there's a couple that I made in New York and Santa Barbara during the trek over. I also made a quick visit to Pisa today. It hit me yesterday that in all the time I've spent over here, I had yet to sketch the famed tower! So I hopped on a train this morning and waded through the masses of tourists to sketch the tower at last. 

1. First sketch to break in Quarto at the Santa Barbara Airport.
2. I met my friend Amanda in New York and went on a Chelsea spree in the Chelsea neighborhood! We also walked along the High Line and had some bagels from Murrays.
3. Testing out my new calligraphy brush pen on Via Santa Croce in Lucca.
4. Watercoloring up on the walls of Lucca, again at last! 
5. Piazza San Martino in Lucca.

6. Slowly working on sketching all the rooftops I can from the terrace on the top floor...
7. Also working on mapping the city at last! And a sketch from the busier portion of Via Santa Croce in the center of town.
8. Tourists of Lucca and the facade of Cattedrale San Martino.
9. Pisa! The Tower took a while to draw but I'm glad that I finally have a sketch of it. Then I couldn't resist having some fun sketching everyone in their various poses trying to hold/kick/pinch/hug/push the tower! 
10. Another watercolor of the walls...this is one of my favorite sections on the wall, it has the lushest trees and the best moody lighting...

I'm so curious to see what this fat beast will look like once I'm through with it in a few weeks. The transformation of Terzo was pretty crazy, just a modest black sketchbook that swelled until it was fat and happy and full of Italy. So excited to see what I find these next couple months. 

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  1. stop.
    my gosh just stop. ;)
    stunning work, and i love how you are capturing what you're experiencing...so lovely!

  2. I love this!!! SO AWESOME! I should really do something like this with one of my sketchbooks!

    P.S I nominated you for a Very inspiring Blogger award, you don't have to do it, but I wanted to let you know how awesome you are! :) http://bookwormsindresses.blogspot.com/2014/06/inspiring-blogger.html


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