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Hello again. I've been back for two weeks three weeks almost a month (I've been trying and failing to write this post for that long...whoops). Honestly, it doesn't even feel like this summer ever happened. It's like this chunk in my recent memory is just misplaced...something has been forgotten. I've been carrying Quarto around with me to show family and friends what I did this summer and this sadly seems the only way to remind myself it actually happened. Everything has returned to the normal groove so quickly, it's like I never left. Oofah

I started my lessons with Arts Outreach my second week back and everything else has just been a blur of adjusting, car shopping, catching up, cleaning up and working. I may have been silent here on the blog but it has been a flurry of activity in the Art Bubble ever since I landed! Here's a little peek at what I have been creating these past few weeks. Surprisingly it has been a lot of illustrations for wedding invitations! SO fun! I still have a few more projects to share as well. And the new Fall line (and Holiday line!) will be making an appearance soon! 
My friend Dhvani commissioned me to make some watercolors and a map for her wedding invitations. This was the first time I watercolored a map...I may be a little addicted. It was pretty fun. Any other takers for watercolor maps?

This series of three watercolors was for a sweet lady named Karens. She had such a pretty vision for her invitations! The large watercolor of the country garden will be the background behind a laser cut gate sleeve. I can't wait to see the final invitations for both of these sweet ladies! 


  1. All so beautiful! I always love seeing what you're up to, Chelsea. :)

  2. These look beautiful and awesome.

  3. Those are so beautiful, I really love that elephant/ganesh? Lovely!

  4. i think i say this every single time you post anything doing with your art - you are so creative and i just love it!
    so so so so so talented! :)

  5. Swell! Those are some fine and sharp designs. More please. Hahaha! Anyway, parsing those items out into the market should be a really invigorating experience, since a lot of hands are probably gonna want to get a hold of those. You're just going to have to keep check of the sales decisively. Good luck!

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