Kristine & Jean Claude's Guest Book

It's rare that I get to make something so special for a special friend. Even more rare that I get to deliver it in person and sign it myself! Last month I had the privilege of making a custom guest book for one of my dear friends Kristine, and her then fiance Jean Claude. 

Originally, I was making a guest book to be used at their engagement party since the two were planning to elope next year. Then after all the toasts, the two announced they had already eloped the week before because they couldn't wait another minute! And so the engagement party turned into a sort of wedding reception! So sweet! 

The party was held in a rose garden here in the Santa Ynez Valley, so we added lots of roses to the inside of the album. We kept the album simple, elegant and very lovey-dovey. I added some lace detail down the front and back covers and a little illustration of the two of them on the cover. It was such a sweet guest book! You can see more photos over on my website


  1. I love the intricacy of this. It's so special. I especially enjoy the two birdies and that little engagement ring, what a lovely touch and a wonderful wedding gift.

  2. swoon.
    I will have to commission you when this day (if it does ha) happens!


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