Etsy Swap | Fall

Things have been so busy and a bit stressful in these parts. Which is always a nice time to get something in the mail! I participated in the Spring Fever Etsy Swap this past spring and we just wrapped up the Fall edition! I love getting mail, and it's even better when it's filled with Etsy goodies! The spring swap was so much fun and I was so excited for the fall one to come around. The hosts Amy from Taking Steps Home and Meg from Rivers and Roads are such sweet gals and bust their butts to make this happen. 

This time around, the very sweet Gillian from A Coastal Bride was partnered with me. And I must say, she absolutely nailed it! I love everything she sent me! I've been using the washi tape like crazy. She's insanely talented too, you should give her blog and Instagram a peek. 
Block Printed Cards by Katharine Watson | Charleston Card by Rifle Paper Co.  
Eraser by Sideshow Press | Washi Tape by Masking Tape

I was partnered with the lovely Josra from Germany! I love any excuse to shop on Etsy and she was a fun lady to shop for. It's so tricky shopping for someone abroad though, since the shipping can be so expensive! I tried to get as much as possible for her since I couldn't get anything too large or fragile! I also added some goodies from my own shops! 
Washi Tape by Pretty Tape | Buttons by Pink Olive | Coffee Print by Designs by Nicolina
Travel Postcards by Sketchy Notions | Pearl Snap Earrings by Notional Notions 

Thank you again Gillian for all the lovely goodies! And to Amy and Meg for hosting such a fun snail mail swap! You can take a peek at what everyone swapped with their partners here, and also find out more about signing up for the next swap! 


  1. ahhh i LOVE what gillian got you! that charleston card is gorgeous!
    and what you sent Josra - adorable! i LOVE that you added stuff from your own shop too! you are so talented!

  2. So happy you enjoyed your gifts! I'm so glad we were paired up, I love browsing your etsy shop and instagram pics!


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