Weekly Postcard Project

Hello 2015, I have big plans for you! There's a lot brewing for the future of Sketchy Notions, which is a bit daunting. After the mayhem of Christmas wrapped up, I was able to finally just make stuff for fun. Which I really missed! 

I have also been wanting to try doing a weekly project this year as well. There's a lot of ideas floating around out there but none I could really picture myself committing to for 52 weeks. 

So, I thought up the Weekly Postcard Project. Each week I'm going to make/watercolor/draw/collage a postcard. I'll share it on Instagram on Saturday. Anyone that comments on that photo is in the running to win that postcard. On Monday, I'll randomly pick one of the comments and mail that postcard to them or someone of their choice anywhere in the world! 

I think it will be a fun little project to keep me making things just for fun, but also a fun way to spread a little bit of art around the world. It will be cool to see how far away these little postcards end up at the end of the year. 

The postcard below is week one! 1/52! I'll be sharing some of the postcards here on the blog but you can follow along on Instagram @sketchynotions and the hashtag #weeklypostcardlove 

Do you have any resolutions or weekly projects for the year? Big goals to tackle?
Did you blog about it? Share the link below! 


  1. uhhh I LOVE THIS!! You're always so creatively inspiring!

  2. This is amazing!!

    ∞ Dotty


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