As my mother pointed out to me the other day (hi mom!), I'm overdue for a blog post. I'm stuck in blog limbo at the moment, which isn't exactly a bad spot to be. Today I'll be shipping out my last December commission and I can't wait to share all these new little books and stories and illustrations. 

BUT, I want to make sure their new owners have had plenty of time to enjoy them in private before I start sharing them all over the interwebs. Hence the limbo. 

I'm also just in deep, post-Holiday commission hibernation mode. That odd feeling of freedom that I haven't felt in about a month and a half because I've been so overwhelmed with work! Don't get me wrong, that overwhelmed sensation is a freakin' great feeling to have! But it is nice to be able to sit down in the middle of the afternoon and catch up on garbage TV and not feel guilty about it. It's amazing to go to bed before midnight and not panic that I'm falling behind. It's lovely to just watercolor and sketch without worrying about making a shipping deadline. This Holiday season was really amazing, but I'm pretty glad that hurdle is over. 

January is coming, which means many things. My birthday being one of them and my Etsy shops birthday as well! So you can expect a couple giveaways coming! And also the final looks at all my new custom children's books and other projects. Plus some new looks at what's coming for Sketchy Notions in 2015! 

Until then, here are some teeny peeks at my latest projects...

1. Little Amaya in New York!
2. My new favorite binding technique for custom children's books
3. My little boys and my favorite little cowgirl
5. One of the new additions for the new year, custom country and state watercolors doodles. And some new calligraphy prints coming to the Sketchy Notions shop


  1. i just can't handle all of your beautiful pieces...just STUNNING.
    all of them.
    one day i will commission one of your pieces!


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