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My family and I spent Thanksgiving in southern Utah at my grandparent's house. Utah is definitely in the top three for favorite places in the world (tied with California and Castiglion Fiorentino of course). We were there for a week and we crammed SO much into that week! I found an arrowhead, we went off roading, found petroglyphs, got seriously lost for hours in the boonies, went to the Grand Canyon, shot skeet (and rocked it!), found an antler, chopped wood, had hydraulic grease explode all over me, drove through Zion and ate copious amounts of food! So much stuff in just 7 days! 

We were also in Utah over Black Friday + Small Business Saturday + Cyber Monday and I'm so excited with how well it went this year! THANK YOU! There's still time to snag some goodies in time for Christmas, and if you sign up for the Sketchy Notions Newsletter you can snag 10% off your order! 

1. This guy almost didn't make it home but we were able to squeeze him in at the last minute! I'm still searching for the perfect spot to hang him! 
2. The view from my grandparent's house outside of Kanab. Best view to wake up early to. 
3. All my weapons of creation for arting in the wild. Armed with my trusty sling shot and favorite Bird Trouble pouch! 
4. A great off-roading ride that leads to the coolest petroglyph location!
5. Freja, our Danish foreign exchange student, and I got separated from our group another day we were off-roading. We were a bit lost for a couple hours but we got some great adventuring done and even some sketching. 

6. There's an old movie set by my grandparent's house too, where they filmed old Westerns. Now it's just a cool ghost town to wander through.
7. Dusty sunset after some off-roading. 
8. This is Freja just after we saw the Grand Canyon! Hooray! (She's also a fashion blogger!)
9. Sketching the Grand Canyon. I can check that off the sketching bucket list! 
10. We drove through Zion National Park on our way home. Zion is one of my favorite National Parks in the whole country. 

How was your Thanksgiving? Any good adventures or traveling stories to share?

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  1. i am so glad you were able to snag that skull! i am SERIOUSLY jealous ;)
    it looks like y'all had a blast and were able to spend some much needed time together with GORGEOUS scenery!


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