weekend of shopping mayhem

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you are warm and cozy and still under the influence of a delicious turkey induced coma! If you haven't seen on Instagram, I'm currently over in Utah with family. More or less off the grid too. There's no cell service back in the canyon and wifi only works around the house. So when we go off on 4-wheeler rides up the little winding trails, we are completely disconnected. And it's lovely!

I'm taking a quick break from the incredible technology silence to share a couple quick reminders! As I'm sure you know, today is the dreaded Black Friday. I have mixed feelings about this shopping day but there are some great deals out there to snatch up. 

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday! This day is one of my favorite excuses to shop! Shopping combined with supported small businesses, hard to say no! Then Monday is Cyber Monday for all those last minute deals you may have missed (or opted to miss in order to stay home in pajamas!). 

I have some sales happening in the Notional Notions Etsy shop and the Sketchy Notions shop as well! If you're on the mailing list, you already got a head start on the sales but now everyone can get in on it! Until midnight on Monday, you can use the coupon THANKFUL20 for 20% off in BOTH shops! (This excludes custom work in the Etsy shop, sorry!)

Also! If you order over $40 worth of goodies in either shop, I'll throw in a set of Holiday cards for free! Hooray! There's also some other coupons in the Sketchy Notions shop. PRINTLOVE gets you any TWO large prints for $32! PEARLYLOVE will get you THREE pairs of Pearl Snap Earrings for $30, a nice way to knock out some of those stocking stuffers. My special listing for a pair of earrings, a card and a hand-printed pouch is still one of my favorites too! 

Happy early Holiday shopping guys! I hope you are able to find some gifts (maybe even for yourself!)

Have you found any killer deals? Any Etsy shops having amazing sales out there? 

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