Um...where did summer go? It seems just like yesterday and I was cleaning up my classroom and saying farewell to all my students for the summer. And now we are just weeks away from textbooks, notes and new classes! CRAZY!

I still feel like I'm in catch-up mode after such a crazy and busy summer. I'll have to do another post about teaching this summer with Arts Outreach, we did a lot of fun projects that I can't wait to share! 

Here's some of my favorite photos from our family trip to Utah this past week. Still forever one of my favorite places on this continent...

1. The roads out in Utah are pretty incredible. Miles of desert and hills and rock formations and fields with NO ONE around. 
2. I brought all my travel gear with me to watercolor and get some work done while we were there (no such thing as a real vacation anymore I guess...)
3. There were SO MANY wildflowers this summer! This was just a small sample of all of them. 
4. Our grandpa has a few horses on this ranch and they're very friendly and photogenic. 

5. My sister snapped this photo of me while I was sketching on the edge of Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. SO happy to be able to cross that spot off the sketching bucket list, it's an amazing view. 
6. This is my little watercolor of Horseshoe Bend. I was pretty terrified the wind was going to pick it up and carry it all the way to the bottom of the canyon! 
7. Before we hiked out to Horseshoe Bend, we visited Lower Antelope Canyon. INCREDIBLE! I've been wanting to go back here ever since I first visited the upper canyon a few years ago. Lower Antelope Canyon was SO MUCH BETTER! Much longer and fewer tourists. 
8. This was my backpack I snagged during a road trip to Texas a few years ago with all my travel gear. 

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  1. GASP THAT CANYON PICTURE. i literally can't handle how beautiful it is!


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