gnocchi a mano {by hand}!

I don't usually post about food and such, I'd much rather keep this blog just for artsy related stuff....but I was just too stoked that this actually went well that I felt the need to share!

In keeping with my list, I made gnocchi by hand last night! It may not be pasta exactly but it sure was tasty...


         Gnocchi is one of my favorite Italian dishes...I'm a sucker for it if it's handmade. I used this recipe from Food Network and it made quite a lot for just 3 potatoes!

                      Gigantic ball of delicious potato dough! I didn't have an actual ricer or a scraper/slicer but the combo use of a cheese grater, heart-shaped cookie cutter and parring knife worked just fine!

We ended up doing a simple butter an sage sauce on top...then poured on the parmesan! Soooo good!

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