mini sketchbooks

High time for a little update of the mini sketchbooks! I first picked up a couple when I was in Spain last spring but now I'm addicted to these little minis! I always have one on me now, they're the perfect size to fit in my doily purse or back pocket.

I started a 2nd little mini sketchbook  a little while back for drawing things from life, so I could keep the first one more design oriented.  Also started using a fountain pen! The ink quality is so much more rich! It may get a little messy at times by I'm slowly getting the hang of it...

Most of these were done while I was still in Italy but a couple were done during some time I spent down at Venice Beach last month (gotta love California in January!)

These next few are from the new mini...I really like how the Venice one turned out! I need to use my watercolors more often...

When I was still in Italy, I was living up on a mountain at a park called Parco dal Lignano. They had a bunch of animals tucked back there for people to feed and visit so I had the opportunity to sketch some deer and rabbits from life!

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