Busy busy busy lately! Lots of projects and new things happening....a really big one is brewing over the weekend that I'll be able to post next week...So excited!!!!!!

After a long hiatus on my part, Livi & Grace is back on the table too! Updates one those little lovely girlies are coming soon. And I have a bunch of tattoo designs in the making right now too. AND a skateboard deck design. Lots happening...

But! In the meantime, here's a look at what's on the drafting table today. I'm re-working my friend's family wine label, Pace Family Wine. It's my first real design project and I'm loving it so far. We have it narrowed down to 5 ideas, including this one. (but so far this one is my favorite!) It's a pretty wide array of ideas that we've come up with, everything from plain text, figure silhouettes to this 70's typeface collage. I'll be adding the color to this one today so we shall see how it goes....


  1. Ciao Ciao!

    You've made me so curious about your design and how it will look colored :D I can't wait to see it! I am TJ by the way, an watercolor illustrator from Holland ^_^ Your blog has a very relaxing vibe, not sure if it's because of the woody background haha. But I love it!

    Take care!

    1. Ciao!
      I just finished coloring it and I should be posting it up on here soon! Thanks for checking out my blog too! Glad to hear it has a relaxing vibe. You have some lovely work over at your blog as well :)

      Hope everything is lovely in Holland right now!


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