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 Buona Pasqua! or Happy Easter! Seems so weird that last year it was Pasqua...Easter is celebrated with so much more zeal and so differently than in the states. In our small town, Castiglion Fiorentino, the week leading up to Easter is all planned out. There are late night processions on three separate nights. Three churches participate and their whole congregation dresses in shrouds and carries flaming torches, and one person carries and enormous cross barefoot through the streets.

The last night, the eve before Easter, the last procession takes place and the route ends at one church. At midnight, the doors are flung open, doves are released and fireworks go off!

I somehow failed to take any photos last year, or just plain can't find them, but I borrowed these frommy good friend, Italy co-worker, architect and designer Haley Adam.

It's so different from anything in the states. All the local towns would come to our town to watch the processions through the streets. The following days there would be warning signs along the roads warning of slippery roads from all the dripped wax. The larger cities do it even bigger, especially Florence, with more fireworks and larger crowds!

With all my wanderlust lately, I made an Italy treasury on Etsy...

'italia' by NotionalNotions

little bits of italy

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