Alrighty, another Friday favorite! This artist is pretty different from Serena's book and paper works I featured last Friday. Seeing as her canvas lately has been human skin...

I'm been in love with Stephanie Brown's work for quite a while now. She's an incredible artist who uses color and anatomy of all sorts of creatures in the most amazing ways. One of the first things of her work I really enjoyed were her Moleskine sketchbooks. A lot of the pages were precursors to larger pieces but they are still amazing works on their own.

Stephanie recently finished up her year long tattoo apprenticeship and is now a full-fledged tattoo artist working in Chicago. Although she's only recently started, it's amazing what she can do with a tattoo machine already! She's found such a great way to channel her drawing skills, and her killer eye for color and composition. I highly recommend checking out her site and the rest of her work.

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