revisiting Europe via sketches...

Printed/edited a few more sketches from the giant Euro sketchbook. I've started watercoloring them and bouncing between the sketches. It's a depressing but slightly happy thing to revisit all these sketches again. Depressing that I'm not there right now making more (and that it's been 3 years since my addiction to Italy first started) but happy to remember all these great moments.

Like the little winding street below. I drew that one during my first few weeks that I returned to Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy to work at Santa Chiara. It was close to sunset and this cat was just too perfectly napping in the shadows on this tiny vicolo overlooking the valley. I was nervous as hell for the arrival of 100+ students.

Then Trevi Fountain. I'd wanted to draw this fountain when I was there as a student but never found the time. During first break between summer sessions after returning, I went to Rome to visit a Cali friend and had some time to kill. I spent the whole afternoon in the boiling sun in front of this fountain fighting for my curb spot from tons of tourists finally fulfilling this sketch desire.

And Paris! This trip to France was pretty spontaneous. I think I actually bought the ticket 3 days before the actual flight! It was one of the most liberating sensations stepping off the plane in France. I spent most of this day napping in front of the tower, munching on bread and nutella, sketching the tower and reading. I even remember that I was in the middle of reading Stephen King's The Drawing of the Three.

I kinda find it odd how well I remember everything through these drawings. I never made a journal while I was over there. I don't really regret this. There's not way to accurately express that experience in words that doesn't make it all sound trite or cliche. Overall this is a pretty melancholic project but it's the closest I can get to Europe right now so for the time being it will continue...

Been staring at my La Sagrada Familia sketching...Barcelona is coming!


  1. Your work is amazing! Your sketches are so clean and detailed. You're truly an inspiration to me :)

    1. You're so sweet, thank you so much! :)


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